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Review – ABH liquid lipstick!

Hej allesammen! Som I ved, plejer jeg at lave mine reviews på engelsk, så jeg håber, at I også vil følge med i dag 🙂

Hey everyone! It’s time for another beauty review, and today I’m testing the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks. I have heard so many different things about these, so I thought that I would make my own review to let you know what my opinion is. I really wanted a nude liquid lipstick, so the first one I decided to purchase is called “Pure Hollywood”. It was really difficult to choose one since they have 35 colors to choose from. They are quite expensive here in Denmark (220 DKK / $35), so I actually got one of my friends to buy it for me in New York.

dsc_1271“Spicy” and “Pure Hollywood”

I was so excited to try it when I got it, but I was also scared that it wouldn’t be as good as I expected it to be. I had tried NYX’s “Lingerie” liquid lipstick, and it was awfully dry and patchy. Luckily, the ABH liquid lipstick applied so much better! The color was very opaque, and the product wasn’t drying for my lips at all. The color stayed on the entire day, but of course I had to do some touch ups after eating or drinking a lot. I was actually so pleased with the lipstick that I went out and bought another one, called “Spicy”. dsc_12366666Pure Hollywood” on bare lips with no liner.

dsc_12466666“Spicy” on bare lips with no liner. 

This one is much more colorful, and I absolutely love the orange/red color of it. I had to do some more touch ups with this one, and I would also recommend wearing a lip liner with colors like this. NYX’s “Summer tease” is a good match with “Spicy”. You could also wear a lip liner with “Pure Hollywood”, but I don’t find it necessary. Another thing I love about this product, is the wand. It is short and has a flat side, which is perfect for applying the product. Also, this product doesn’t have a lot of scent to it. It smells makeup-ish (you know what I mean, haha) but it doesn’t smell like something have been added to it, to give it a strong scent. Now, let’s look at the good and bad things about this product.


+: Big shade range, good application/wand, lots of pigmentation, the smell isn’t too bad, good lasting power, they aren’t too drying, and last but not least the beautiful packaging.

-: You need to wear a liner with the non-nude colors, the price.


Overall I have to give the ABH liquid lipstick 5/6 stars. They are the best liquid lipsticks I have ever tried, and the only problem I have with them, is that you have to go out and find a lip liner that matches the lipstick, since ABH don’t make their own lip liners. Also, they are a bit expensive, but they are definitely worth it!


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