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Christian Louboutin Lipstick Review!

Hej allesammen! Det er et par måneder siden at jeg købte min Christian Louboutin læbestift, men da jeg ikke har set så mange reviews på den, har jeg besluttet mig for selv at lave et indlæg. Da disse plejer at være interessante for de fleste, kommer resten af indlægget til at være på engelsk.. Håber at det er i orden! 😉

English: It has been a couple of months since I got my hands on the Christian Louboutin lipstick, but since I haven’t seen a lot of reviews, so I thought I would do one myself. Is it really worth the price? I mean, $90! That’s the most expensive makeup product I own..   However, I must say that the lipstick packaging is gorgeous! It comes with a silk ribbon, so that it can be worn as a necklace too.. How cool is that?! Let’s take a look at it.



The colour Rouge Louboutin is a beautiful true red color with a satin finish. It is very beautiful on the lips, even though I had to built it up to get it really opaque. It is a little sticky, which means that it doesn’t just glide on.. Which I think is a plus! I always like to dab on my lipstick. I must say that I had to reapply it a few times throughout the day, especially after having something to drink or eat.



+ : Beautiful color, sticky and easy to apply, amazing packaging, can be worn as a necklace.

– : Not that opaque, has to be reapplied multiple times, the prize (!!), it is not that easy to get a hold on.


Unfortunately, I can only give this lipstick 3 out of 6 stars. As a lipstick it is not worth the crazy prize. However, the packaging is so unique and I will definitely use it as a necklace instead of a beauty product. If you’re looking for a lipstick that will last you all day long, I would recommend the Rouge Allure lipsticks from Chanel.

What do you think? Would you buy the lipstick? 🙂

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