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Meet: Simone Kronborg!

Hej allesammen! I dag starter en ny serie på bloggen, som hedder “meet: X”. Jeg elsker den her slags indlæg, og nu vil jeg altså også være med til at udbrede kendskabet af de mennesker, som jeg bliver inspireret af. Den første person I skal møde, er Simone Kronborg. Hun er super sød, og så er hendes Instagram feed helt fortryllende! Derudover har hun også en blog, hvor hun deler ud af sit univers. Jeg håber, at I vil følge med i serien fremover! 🙂

English: Hey everyone! Today I´m starting a new series called “meet: X”. I love these kinds of posts, so I wanted to join in on the fun. The first one you are going to meet is Simone Kronborg. She´s super sweet, and her Instagram feed is stunning! She also has a blog, where she shares her thoughts and inspiration with her readers. I hope you will enjoy these kinds of posts! 🙂


Simone Kronborg | 21 years old | Blogger and Instagrammer

I am:  A very forthcoming, smiling, happy and social person. I love being around other people, and feel best that way.

I write about: Everything from fashion, beauty and interior. My small universe on the blog also contains all of my visits to cafés, my thoughts and a lot of inspirational stuff.

I started the blog because: I love to help and inspire other people. I love reading other blogs, which have pushed me into starting my own. It´s the best decision I´ve ever made!

Three words to describe my style:  Minimalistic, simple and feminine.

My wardrobe is filled with: I love to snuggle in big, comfy sweaters so my closet is full of them. I love a baggy sweater, and I often buy them in a larger size. I also wear them during summer, and I love it!

I´m very inspired by: Pretty much anything! I read a lot of blogs and fashion magazines, where a lot of my inspiration comes from. The inspiration also comes from social media and celebrities!

My three favorite stores are: Topshop, Primark and Forever21. Unfortunately we don´t have Primark or Forever21 in Denmark, which is kind of a bummer. So Topshop´s my favorite in Denmark, but I also love to shop at Magasin.

An accessorie I can´t live without is: Definitely my daisy ring from Georg Jensen. I wear it everyday since it goes with everything, and I always get so many compliments on it.

My can’t live without makeup products are:  My Pro Longwear Concealer from MAC, which is the best at covering dark spots. I´m so in love with it, and I have gone through at least five of them. Besides the concealer, I can´t live without my  lipstick from MAC in the color ‘O’, which is the prettiest copper-brown shade.

My best makeup tip is: If you have small lips and would like to use a bright shade, then go with a matte lipstick. Apply it with a lip brush, and try using two different colors, which gives a nice result.

My next purchase is: A Louis Vuitton bag, if I can afford it! They are SO pretty, but SO expensive. I have really fallen in love with their bags. Maybe dreams do come true, you never now.. So I will start saving up for one!



Find Simone right here: Blog, Instagram, Facebook.

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