September highlights!

DIY – Colorful Smyks earrings!

Hi everyone! Last month I showed you how to make the coolest earrings, and I loved them so much that I had to make another pair! This pair is a lot more colorful, and I hope that you like them as much as I do. Just as last time, I got all of the items from, and they still ship worldwide! 😉

Items I have used:

Hoop earrings in pleated sterling silver 25mm
Gold wire 0,4mm (30cm)
Golden heart chain (20cm)
Blue beads
Coral beads (big)
Coral beads (small) 
Needle-nose pliers
Cutting tool

1: Just like last time, start by twisting the wire around the earring and clamp it together. Add the beads one by one, twisting the wire around the earring in between each bead.

2: This time I wanted to add a bead to the chain. Cut off a piece of the wire and pull it through the bead and chain.

3: Bend the wire to make an “L” and twist the two ends. Cut off the excess.

4: Now you can add it to the wire just like the beads.

5: Continue to add the beads as you like. Finish off by clamping the wire together with the earring and cut off the excess.

And now you’re done! I think these are so pretty, and I especially love the cute heart chain!

Remember that you can find all of the items and a lot more jewely supply at Smyks! 


‘Advertisement for Smyks. All opinions are my own.

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September highlights!