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DIY – Smyks earrings!

Hi everyone! I am super excited about this post, because today I am showing you how to make the most amazing earrings! I haven’t done a DIY in so long, and I have just missed it so much! The post is in collaboration with Smyks, who kindly sponsored all of the items that I needed. If you want to make your own pair of earrings or any other piece of jewely, you can find everything you need to get started at (they ship wordwide!) or you can visit their shop on Isafjordsgade 3 in Copenhagen. But enough chit-chatting, let’s get started!

Items I have used:
Kreol earrings in silver 25mm
Silver thread 0,4mm (30cm)
Figaro chain 4mm (20cm)
Garnet beads 2mm and 3mm
Spinel beads 2mm
Black agate 3mm
Needle-nose pliers
Cutting tool

 1: Start out by laying out the design of the earring. I chose some beads in fall colors and different sizes plus a few small chains.

2: Wrap the thread around the earring and clam around it to make sure it won’t move. Now you can begin to add some beads. I added one bead at a time, wrapping the tread around the earring in between each bead.

3: Add a chain (or several) just as you would add the beads.

4: When you are done adding the beads and chains, just wrap the thread around the earring an clam together just like in the beginning. And viola, you’re done!

I think they turned out so well, and they were actually super easy to make. I will definitely visit Smyks again soon!


* Advertisement for Smyks. All opinions are my own

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